Lesley DeNardis
for Congress

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Lesley DeNardis was born and raised in Hamden, Connecticut where she resides with her husband and daughter. As an active member of the community, she currently serves as an at large member of the Legislative Council. She previously served on the Board of Education and the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Dr. DeNardis has spent her career in higher education.  She is the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut. Previously Dr. DeNardis taught political science at Sacred Heart University where she also directed the Institute for Public Policy and the Sacred Heart University Poll. As a professor, she instilled in her students an appreciation for the constitutional principles upon which our great country was founded: limited government, freedom, individual responsibility, and opportunity. Unfortunately, many of our elected officials in Washington have forgotten these values and have steered our great country far off course with out-of-control spending and mandates that attempt to control every aspect of our lives limiting our freedom and undermining prosperity.

She is the daughter of Lawrence J. DeNardis the last Republican Member of Congress to represent the Third District. He taught her the importance of public service and giving back to the community. The lessons from his time in Congress over forty years ago revealed a system that was broken. Today the dysfunction has only grown worse with career politicians who are out of touch with their constituents and spend more time bickering in Congress instead of solving problems. Lesley vows to give people a true voice that reflects their needs and respects their wishes.

Why I’m Running

I’m running for Congress to restore the principles that made our country great: limited government, economic freedom, individual liberty, and opportunity for all.

I’m running for Congress because I have witnessed our once great state in decline. Over the last thirty years, Connecticut has become unaffordable with residents struggling to pay the bills as the cost of daily goods and services have soared to record highs made worse by our heavy tax burden. The last few years have tested Americans’ patience with a flood of government mandates, increased federal spending, rising prices and rampant crime affecting all our communities. Everyday Americans feel a loss of control over their lives. While they struggle to pay their bills and deal with crime rates that threaten their physical security, our current representatives have no solutions. I have travelled the district and listened to residents who are frustrated that our elected officials do not understand their struggles. As a concerned citizen and political outsider, I can no longer watch from the sidelines. I have decided to enter the race to offer commonsense solutions to Congress.


Strengthening the Economy

Between soaring prices for gas and food, rising crime in our communities and oppressive mandates, all of us feel a sense of loss of control over our lives, our pocketbooks and our children’s' education. There are solutions to many of our problems but the current representatives in Congress keep repeating the failed tax and spending policies that have brought us to this crisis point of record high inflation. Americans are struggling to afford the rising prices of everyday goods while our elected officials continue to subject us to federal spending adding trillions more in debt. I will oppose wasteful and unnecessary spending.

Supporting Law Enforcement

Crime levels have reached record highs over the past few years, and it is not just isolated to cities. Nearly every community across the district has experienced increased crime and violence. Many residents feel increasingly unsafe in their own neighborhoods or while shopping. This is unacceptable. Our elected officials in Washington have done nothing to stop the rising tide of crime. In fact, the Democrat-controlled House passed the 2021 Justice in Policing Act to end qualified immunity for police officers which weakens the ability of law enforcement to provide safety. I stand in staunch support of the people that wear the uniform. Those who put their lives on the line every day for us deserve much better.

If elected I will restore a commonsense approach to government, stop mindless spending and borrowing, secure our borders, support law enforcement, support parents’ rights to have a say in their children’s education and most of all restore the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. I will give people a voice and say in Washington that they have been lacking for too long.

Individual Liberty

From the mandating of masks and vaccines to media censorship, Americans are feeling a sense of coercion whether from government mandates, big tech or media dictating choices that are best left to individuals. We need to restore trust in people’s ability to make the best decisions for themselves, their children, and their communities.